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Jessie has recently been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.  The short story is a lumpectomy was performed to remove a small cancerous mass and the pathology report showed another form of cancer was also present.  She is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow (Tuesday) to remove the one breast where the cancer was found.  She will need to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments, then they will start the re-construction process.

I have been struggling through a back injury and I take muscle relaxers at night that make me a little drowsy so if  you want more information you can visit Jessie’s Journal by clicking this link or the one in the sidebar.  Jessie lives in Ireland and is part of a non-denominational mission team and therefore will be relying on co-workers and friends for local support since she lives away from family.


OK, first the bad news.  It’s only bad news because it is no news, yet.  I’m not very good at waiting, for example; I can’t wait until all this is a memory in our past.  More on the news front, starting in the morning.

Diane called the plastic surgeon’s office to report on the drainage levels.  I empty the reservoirs twice a day, but the 6:30am one is the one that needs to be constant.  Diane is supposed to call the office once a day and report the 24hr amount.  Today was the first day she could call in due to the weekend.  Diane talked to the office manager and she told her the amounts looked good.  So now Diane has an appointment with the plastic surgeon Thursday morning and if all goes well the drains will be removed.  That would be welcomed by both of us, but especially the “wonderful, beautiful” patient.  (That was for anyone that thinks I am doing this to build up points with the “wonderful, beautiful” patient  😉 .)

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It snowed more than 1″ last night, the snow stuck to all the trees, bushes, grass, and even coated the wood fence on the north faces.  The roads were too warm so the snow melted right away, the only areas that could cause difficulty were the bridges and overpasses.  The boys went to church this morning, while I stayed home with Diane and rested.

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Diane continues to do well and make good progress.  We had a lot of rain starting early this morning, it was a heavy, cold rain.  There was snow at the tail end of the storm, but that was well to the north.

Bonnie came by this morning after the storms had passed and the sky was trying to clear.  She brought her special tape and a stool for us to use in the tub if we wanted.  We checked the tape under Diane’s arms that was causing so much discomfort, but there was nothing we could do to change it in order to take the discomfort away.  The tape is sealing the drain ports protruding from the incision that was used to clear the breast tissue from the upper breast cavity.

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Diane is progressing nicely, she slept good last night in between potty breaks and medicine taking.  It was good that her wake-up times were almost perfect timing with the meds schedule.  She got out of bed early this morning and I set her up in my nice big comfy Lay-Z-Boy recliner, I gave her phone to her and I took mine to the bedroom.  She needs help putting the footrest down so she is stuck in the chair unless someone rescues her.  It wasn’t long before she had company from one of the boys.

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Diane is in her room now.  The nurse is getting her I.V. and pain med delivery system set up.  She is doing well, though groggy.  The plastic surgeon had Valium administered to help her relax as she came out of anesthesia.

The Valium will help her relax due to the chest tightness she will be feeling. The expander implants are behind her pectoral muscles, the muscle and skin needs to be stretched out to make room for the permanent implants.  That is contributing to the tight feeling she will be experiencing. The expanders are filled 50cc more than the breast tissue that was removed.

To be continued…

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I received word that Diane’s breast surgeon started the procedure at 8:00 am. The time frame that we were told to expect was two hours for each surgeon and one hour in recovery. Then if all is well Diane will be sent up to her room.

We saw the breast surgeon in the prep area and she introduced her assisting surgeon. By using two surgeons the mastectomy is completed quicker, allowing the plastic surgeon as much time as he needs to complete his work. The breast surgeon informed us that the plastic surgeon we are using is pretty meticulous in his work so they like to give him that little bit of extra time.

There are comments on here telling me how wonderful it is that I am doing this for Diane.  There are women at church that tell me how wonderful it is that I am doing this for Diane too, they also mention that they are getting to know who that quiet guy is that sits with Diane at church, then hustles out the door once the service ends.  Women in my family have commented on how nice it is to have the blog to refer to for updates and information.

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E-Mails that are sent to our address (b lo g 4 d i a ne at g m a i l dot c o m) can be received on my Blackberry phone now too.  I will be able to read your messages to Diane as she recuperates at the hospital and she can read them when she feels ready.

I set up an e-mail address at Gmail for those that want to send words of encouragement to Diane, or want to ask her a question, but don’t want to make a public comment.

The Contact Form is listed above in the page header and in the left column near the subscriptions link.  The form sends your message directly to our e-mail address.  We look forward to hearing from you.

You can send a message via email too, just take out the spaces and replace the at and dot with the appropriate symbols (spam prevention).

b l o g 4 d i a n e at g m a i l dot com

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Breast Cancer Awareness

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