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Diane is in her room now.  The nurse is getting her I.V. and pain med delivery system set up.  She is doing well, though groggy.  The plastic surgeon had Valium administered to help her relax as she came out of anesthesia.

The Valium will help her relax due to the chest tightness she will be feeling. The expander implants are behind her pectoral muscles, the muscle and skin needs to be stretched out to make room for the permanent implants.  That is contributing to the tight feeling she will be experiencing. The expanders are filled 50cc more than the breast tissue that was removed.

To be continued…

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I received word that Diane’s breast surgeon started the procedure at 8:00 am. The time frame that we were told to expect was two hours for each surgeon and one hour in recovery. Then if all is well Diane will be sent up to her room.

We saw the breast surgeon in the prep area and she introduced her assisting surgeon. By using two surgeons the mastectomy is completed quicker, allowing the plastic surgeon as much time as he needs to complete his work. The breast surgeon informed us that the plastic surgeon we are using is pretty meticulous in his work so they like to give him that little bit of extra time.

E-Mails that are sent to our address (b lo g 4 d i a ne at g m a i l dot c o m) can be received on my Blackberry phone now too.  I will be able to read your messages to Diane as she recuperates at the hospital and she can read them when she feels ready.

I set up an e-mail address at Gmail for those that want to send words of encouragement to Diane, or want to ask her a question, but don’t want to make a public comment.

The Contact Form is listed above in the page header and in the left column near the subscriptions link.  The form sends your message directly to our e-mail address.  We look forward to hearing from you.

You can send a message via email too, just take out the spaces and replace the at and dot with the appropriate symbols (spam prevention).

b l o g 4 d i a n e at g m a i l dot com

I installed the WordPress blogging application on my Blackberry phone. I am submitting this post via my phone. I will be blogging from the hospital, providing updates when they warrant. The time of the surgery and the estimated length of the surgery will be posted here once we know the details.

Use the subscribe function in the left column If you want automatic updates via e-mail, otherwise check here periodically. To our moms, I will be calling you with updates as usual.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

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