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Jessie has recently been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.  The short story is a lumpectomy was performed to remove a small cancerous mass and the pathology report showed another form of cancer was also present.  She is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow (Tuesday) to remove the one breast where the cancer was found.  She will need to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments, then they will start the re-construction process.

I have been struggling through a back injury and I take muscle relaxers at night that make me a little drowsy so if  you want more information you can visit Jessie’s Journal by clicking this link or the one in the sidebar.  Jessie lives in Ireland and is part of a non-denominational mission team and therefore will be relying on co-workers and friends for local support since she lives away from family.


It is 10:46pm and Diane just called to let me know she arrived safely at the airport, where her mom was picking her up.

Our day started at 4:00am, Diane was up and starting to get ready so I could take her to the airport.  At 4:15 she got an automated message telling her that her flight was canceled due to weather in Atlanta, her stop-over.  The message also informed her she was being booked on a later flight.  We left the house at 7:30am headed to the airport, we go in to check her bag and get her boarding pass, the agent checks the status of the flight and all was OK, I watched her go through security, then I left to go get some breakfast before heading to work.

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We just got back home from the evening church service and follow-up pot-luck dinner.  Diane is doing better coping right now, today was a much better day than last Sunday.  We had a little chat with the pastor tonight too, letting him know more details about the schedule, etc.  People are already letting us know that they will be helping with meals when Diane gets back home from the hospital.

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Diane is giving the Tamoxifen another try after a one week break.  The side effects had subsided and it was comforting to see her return to normal.  The side effects that caused the most trouble were the lack of energy and the difficulty concentrating on the task at hand.  The type of work Diane does requires attention to detail at a high level and that is difficult to do with a lack of concentration and energy.  The other side effects were more of a nuisance and caused a certain level of discomfort.

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When the subject is extremely personal and extracts emotions that have been dealt with over a period of time.  Writing this blog is going to be harder than I thought, but since we have people near and far that are concerned and interested in the outcome, I will persevere.  OK then… back to the details on the included pages.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

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