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On Wednesday Diane enters the long-awaited final phase of her re-construction and recovery.  She will have surgery to remove the rigid, firm, and heavy; saline filled expanders.  They have literally been a real pain in her chest.

Sleeping has been the biggest challenge, our bed has been taken over with an assortment of props and pillows.  There have been many nights when all of that has not been good enough and she sleeps a good part of the early morning hours in the recliner.  Muscle pain and spasms in the back, sides and chest area have become extremely annoying and uncomfortable.  The weather even pitches in to provide pain and discomfort when there is a front moving in and rain is in the forecast.  Plus each time saline was added to the expanders the pain and discomfort increased until her body adjusted to the additional size and weight.

The surgery is scheduled for 1:00pm and the surgeon told Diane it would last approximately three hours because he has some internal adjustments to make.  As long as everything goes well Diane will be home  late afternoon or early evening.  I will be blogging with updates from the hospital and later on when we arrive home.


As most of you know, Diane is away visiting her mom.  Usually this would mean a nice little break apart from each other; Diane gets precious, quality time with her mom and I get to batch-it with our boys.  I usually tease her that I do not miss her, even though I do.  I was looking forward to it, I figured if she was not here reminding me what was to come, I could relax, take it a little easy, have a break.  Concentrate on work, get a lot accomplished there.  No such luck.  😦

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I have been busy sorting through all the various links for sites that I have collected and I have added some to the links area in the left column.  I have them separated in several categories.  Articles of Interest are articles from media sites.  Blogs of Interest are sites that deal with breast cancer in general.  Previvors and Survivors are blogs by women or their partners.  Support Organizations are breast cancer organizations that offer education and support.

The link for the article at AOL Health with the title Rene Syler Takes On Breast Cancer is the story that resembles Diane’s situation.  Rene Syler did not have cancer or the BRCA gene mutations, she had Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia (ADH).

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Diane was able to get her plastic surgeon to agree with changing the scheduling of her surgery from April to March.  The day we met him in his office to decide  what was going to be the plan for the recon, he mentioned that he was keeping his schedule light in the middle of March due to the impending birth of his child.  The surgery is scheduled for March 16 and the baby is due on the 18th!

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As the Tamoxifen builds up in Diane’s system she is experiencing new and frustrating side effects.  First she was getting sleepy/tired earlier at night than she did before, falling asleep sitting on the couch while reading or watching TV.  Normally she reads or does Sudoku puzzles while watching TV until bedtime, now she seems to be putting the book down earlier and watching TV only.  The next wonderful side effect was night sweats, but they seem to have subsided a little for now.

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When the subject is extremely personal and extracts emotions that have been dealt with over a period of time.  Writing this blog is going to be harder than I thought, but since we have people near and far that are concerned and interested in the outcome, I will persevere.  OK then… back to the details on the included pages.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

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