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Diane’s surgeries always makes me nervous, hopefully this is the last in a long series of procedures. The surgeon told me he trimmed the stratus and added a few suture points to tighten the pockets. He said all looks real good now, Diane should be pleased with her decision.

Diane was taken to surgery around 8am and I saw the surgeon shortly after 10am. The recovery time will be much shorter than the previous procedures since no muscle work was involved. There are no surgical drains to mess with either.

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We are approaching three months since Diane had the expanders removed and the permanent implants put in place.  Diane is doing well, there is some muscle pain yet and those crazy twinges from the nerves firing off as they recover.  The amount of pillows Diane needs to support her while sleeping is gradually diminishing.  She can sleep on her side for short periods too, but she still gets sore when she does.

Diane has been walking, getting back in shape.  She had gained weight because of the reduced physical activity and the need to eat every time she took medicine.  The city has added some nice paved walking/running paths in the greenbelt (floodway) in the past couple of years which makes the activity much nicer than utilizing the city streets and sidewalks in the past.  The greenbelt is just half a block away so it is convenient too.

Diane’s mom is getting married in the middle of November so we will be seeing a lot of family and friends for the first time since all this began a year and a half ago.  Diane should be doing just fine by then and will be able to thoroughly enjoy the time with her mom.

Sunday I removed the pain ball tubing.  It was inserted between the breasts and then had extremely sticky clear tape covering it to help keep it in place.  Approximately four inches of the tubing had to be pulled out, Diane said it felt weird as I pulled it out.  The ball was in a fanny pack that Diane had to lug around or find a place to set if she was sitting or lying down.  Diane was thankful to have one less accessory to carry around and get in the way.

Wednesday we visited the surgeon’s office and the nurse removed the rest of the external plumbing, the surgical drains.  They serve an important purpose but they are a pain in the “you know what”.  Diane commented on the amount of fluids that we emptied out of the drain reservoirs over the week since the surgery.  It would be a lot of fluid for the body to absorb and get rid of on its own.

The tubing was inserted lower on her sides this time, last time they were inserted at her arm pits.  The lower location was a little less irritating than at the arm pits but the tape still caused plenty of irritation and itching.

The nurse that removed the drains was real nice, she assists the surgeon when he performs procedures in his office.  We have had a wonderful team taking care of the princess, they have been professional, extremely skilled, and will patiently answer all questions put to them.  We are pleased with the final result so far barring any last minute complications.

Jessie has recently been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.  The short story is a lumpectomy was performed to remove a small cancerous mass and the pathology report showed another form of cancer was also present.  She is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow (Tuesday) to remove the one breast where the cancer was found.  She will need to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments, then they will start the re-construction process.

I have been struggling through a back injury and I take muscle relaxers at night that make me a little drowsy so if  you want more information you can visit Jessie’s Journal by clicking this link or the one in the sidebar.  Jessie lives in Ireland and is part of a non-denominational mission team and therefore will be relying on co-workers and friends for local support since she lives away from family.

I thought I would have one patient to take care of this week, wrong.  This is not the first case of poison oak I’ve had, last year I had a case too, but this year it is much worse.  Last year’s bout was easily taken care of with  a homeopathic remedy I bought at a local vitamin store.  This time in addition to taking the aforementioned remedy, I have stayed busy applying a topical gel to help dry up the blisters, provide itch relief, and protect against  infection.  Ice has been my best friend, I even used ice at the hospital, it helps tremendously with calming the inflammation accompanying the blisters and providing additional itch relief.

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Diane arrived home last night after flight delays, again 😦 , but not as bad as the previous trip.  Incredibly it was due to storms in Atlanta once more.  I think Diane is getting to hate Atlanta.  Well maybe not hate, it takes a lot for Diane to show that type of negative emotion, but it is probably a strong dislike.  As you can imagine she was tired when she finally arrived home.

The trip was eight days, but I am sure it seemed like it was no more than a weekend getaway to Diane and her mom.  The good news is that they were able to share some quality time together, the tough part was when Diane had to leave.  Enough said…

I happen to be a man blogging on a subject where women are dominating the blogosphere.  I know that breast cancer is diagnosed mainly in women, with a small percentage of men being diagnosed with the disease.  So it makes sense that women will be taking advantage of the therapeutic affects of the blogosphere more than men.  Although I did come across one blog that was started by a woman’s husband that now lay dormant.

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There are comments on here telling me how wonderful it is that I am doing this for Diane.  There are women at church that tell me how wonderful it is that I am doing this for Diane too, they also mention that they are getting to know who that quiet guy is that sits with Diane at church, then hustles out the door once the service ends.  Women in my family have commented on how nice it is to have the blog to refer to for updates and information.

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As most of you know, Diane is away visiting her mom.  Usually this would mean a nice little break apart from each other; Diane gets precious, quality time with her mom and I get to batch-it with our boys.  I usually tease her that I do not miss her, even though I do.  I was looking forward to it, I figured if she was not here reminding me what was to come, I could relax, take it a little easy, have a break.  Concentrate on work, get a lot accomplished there.  No such luck.  😦

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Analogies, some people love them and some cringe when having to listen to another one.  Last night I was doing a little blogging, a little reading, a little more research, and making more preparations for mobile blogging.  My version of multi-tasking, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, but not at the same time.  The one constant was that little bit of doubt in the back of my mind and the fear of complications from the upcoming surgery that will be there until Diane is physically recovered from this ordeal.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

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