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Diane had her appointment with the breast surgeon this morning.   The surgeon told us everything is going well with Diane’s recovery.  There is a little fluid building up on the side of her left breast and if it continues to accumulate, then it may need to be drained.  If the fluid needs draining it can wait until Monday to make an appointment for later that day.  The breast surgeon said she could do it; or if the plastic surgeon prefers, he can do it otherwise.  The body would normally absorb most of the fluid at this stage, but sometimes it does need to be drained.

The breast surgeon wants to see Diane every six months for the next two years to do a visual check-up.  There will  always be a minute amount of breast tissue present in her body, it is not possible to remove all of it, individual or small groups of cells are so small that some are always left behind.  If a mass did form from what is left behind there is very little space for the mass to hide.  So if anything does form it can usually be found easily, with Diane’s frame there is just a thin layer of tissue left between the pectoral muscle and the skin.  Mammograms are a thing of the past, an ultrasound or MRI would be ordered if a mass was visually found at some point.

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The breast surgeon’s assistant called Diane with a mini report.  The surgeon is trying to get a definitive answer on any risks involved in keeping the left nipple, that is the one that was a concern going into this.  The left breast had the most going on inside it, the right one not so much.  They do know that there was no cancer present, and that is the most important news of all.

We will be meeting with the breast surgeon on Friday during Diane’s scheduled appointment to discuss the pathology report in greater detail.  We will know then, what the recommendation will be for the right nipple.  That’s all we know for now.

Diane is doing much better today.  She slept good last night, she had her little snacks with the meds to ward off nausea.  She looks good, her color is all back, and she is in better spirits.  She had her sponge bath today, yesterday they decided not to do one because of the way she was feeling.

The pastor called this morning and asked if Diane wanted him to come by, it is spring break and the pastor and his family were out of town for a few days.  We had a nice visit with him just before lunch.

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I arrived at 11:30 this morning, I actually slept well last night.  The poison oak calmed down enough so it did not bother me during the night.

The nurses did not remove the catheter until around 10:00am so Diane had not been out of bed yet when I arrived.  She had already eaten breakfast, the morphine pump was disconnected, and she was given oral pain meds.  The breast surgeon checked Diane and had a little concern about the right breast so she called the plastic surgeon and asked him to come by and check it.  I was not here and Diane does not remember what the specific concern was, but the plastic surgeon checked the area and said all was well.  The plastic surgeon was concerned with the elastic wrap that they had on Diane so he had it replaced with a bra.

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Diane is in her room now.  The nurse is getting her I.V. and pain med delivery system set up.  She is doing well, though groggy.  The plastic surgeon had Valium administered to help her relax as she came out of anesthesia.

The Valium will help her relax due to the chest tightness she will be feeling. The expander implants are behind her pectoral muscles, the muscle and skin needs to be stretched out to make room for the permanent implants.  That is contributing to the tight feeling she will be experiencing. The expanders are filled 50cc more than the breast tissue that was removed.

To be continued…

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I came across a blog that explained the origins of the term Previvor.  I do not know if it is the only origin of the term but it is an interesting little tidbit.  The second paragraph in the definition as it is written describes Diane’s condition.  The definition is below.

Previvor n. person who does not have cancer but possesses a genetic predisposition to develop the disease; a presurvivor

A person who does not have cancer, but has precancerous cells or a genetic mutation known to increase the risk of developing it: a pre-survivor. With the rise in genetic testing and groups like FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered) that encourage women to find out whether they’re likely to develop breast or ovarian cancer, some Previvors are taking such drastic measures as getting preemptive mastectomies or hysterectomies.

The link to the blog where I found the above is:  Think Outside The Box.

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I finally added tags to all the posts to aid others with similar concerns to find this blog.  I wanted to make sure the following additional factors from the pathology report were available to searchers.  To read more about the additional factors listed in the pathology report click on the link below.

The Diagnosis.

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The Diagnosis page is complete as of now.  I may add some additional info or comments as needed.  It is fairly accurate, I did a lot of research on the findings of the pathology report from the first occurrence and the report for the second occurrence.  The findings from the second occurrence do not only mirror the first, they build upon the first.  There definitely is more to be concerned about in the second pathology report.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

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