Diane is currently fifty years old.  She has been married to Fred since 1980 and has two adult sons.  Diane works full-time as a self-employed bookkeeper for several companies.

Fred is a master electrician.  He is currently working as a construction superintendent and electrician.

Diane’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age fifty-four.  She underwent a single mastectomy and reconstruction of the breast.  She was also treated with chemotherapy and has been cancer free since.

Diane has had one other women in her mother’s family diagnosed with breast cancer that she knows about.  She was a great-aunt of her mother and she died from the cancer.

The main contributor to this blog is Fred her husband.  Diane will try to contribute as time allows.

(Updated 6/27/2018)

Eight years have passed and Diane is now 59 years old and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, a lobular carcinoma.