We were told on Monday, the 11th of June, 2018 that Diane has breast cancer.

Diane was at the city pool putting lotion on and she noticed a lump at the top of her breast. The lump was about the size of a quarter. We decided that it should be checked out by her gynecologist. The doctor examined her and scheduled an ultrasound at the imaging center. Upon completion of the procedure, the radiologist reviewed the images and recommended a biopsy be performed. Several days later needle biopsies on the mass and a lymph node under her arm were performed. The pathology report showed that there were cancerous cells in the mass but not in the lymph node.

There are more lymph nodes above the area where the mass is, but they are not available to do a needle biopsy on because of the anatomy that surrounds them. It would be too dangerous to attempt a biopsy on them, there is some concern about these lymph nodes due to the irregular shapes that appeared on the ultrasound images.

As you may know, we elected to have Diane undergo a bi-lateral mastectomy in order to avoid such a diagnosis from occurring. The odds were in our favor, but not 100%. After a mastectomy there can be trace amounts of breast cells/tissue that does not get removed. That was enough for a cancerous mass to form therefore creating this serious health issue we were hoping to avoid, the type of cancer is a lobular carcinoma. This is the second most common form of cancer behind ductile carcinoma. The cancer is at a stage 2, so it was found early enough to make a difference.