Diane is having surgery to take out some scar tissue that the surgeon thinks has formed on the bottom corner of one of the pockets of the internal “bra” that holds the implants in place.  The surgeon used irradiated muscle stratus to form them, the patient’s body grows tissue within and around the foreign muscle that eventually becomes part of the body.

A ribbon of scar tissue has formed and is causing irritation and pain on her ribs.  During the day her undergarments put pressure there and at night she has trouble sleeping on that side.  Massaging the area on the other side helped to keep scar tissue from forming but on this side it did not help as much.

We were hoping that the previous procedure would be her last even though we knew there was a chance there may be one more.  Diane had been doing real well otherwise, so when the surgeon explained the options, she was a little upset and disappointed that she would have to go through the pain and recovery one more time.  Diane has had some time before the surgery was scheduled and is ready for tomorrow, she knows that it is something that needs to be taken care of now, not sometime later after she is completely healed.

The upside is that the surgeon will also do some minor adjustments to the position of the implants and tighten the pockets a little.  This will plump the implants a little more so that the ridges or creases in the implants won’t be as visible.  Diane is so slender that it is difficult to get the pocket size and positioning just right, a body type with more fat surrounding the implants would hide more imperfections.  This alone was not worth having the surgery and we would not consider it except for the pain and discomfort caused by the scar tissue.

I will be blogging from the hospital, check back late morning or early afternoon for updates.  Thank you in advance for your prayers.