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Sunday I removed the pain ball tubing.  It was inserted between the breasts and then had extremely sticky clear tape covering it to help keep it in place.  Approximately four inches of the tubing had to be pulled out, Diane said it felt weird as I pulled it out.  The ball was in a fanny pack that Diane had to lug around or find a place to set if she was sitting or lying down.  Diane was thankful to have one less accessory to carry around and get in the way.

Wednesday we visited the surgeon’s office and the nurse removed the rest of the external plumbing, the surgical drains.  They serve an important purpose but they are a pain in the “you know what”.  Diane commented on the amount of fluids that we emptied out of the drain reservoirs over the week since the surgery.  It would be a lot of fluid for the body to absorb and get rid of on its own.

The tubing was inserted lower on her sides this time, last time they were inserted at her arm pits.  The lower location was a little less irritating than at the arm pits but the tape still caused plenty of irritation and itching.

The nurse that removed the drains was real nice, she assists the surgeon when he performs procedures in his office.  We have had a wonderful team taking care of the princess, they have been professional, extremely skilled, and will patiently answer all questions put to them.  We are pleased with the final result so far barring any last minute complications.


What a long day we had yesterday.  I was up at 5:15am so I could be at the job-site by 7am to go over everyone’s duties for the day.  I went back home after a couple hours, ate a nice breakfast, then we headed to the hospital to check-in.  The check-in process went quickly, they are beginning to know us there, plus a lot of the info could be transferred over from our last visit.

Then off to the out-patient surgical center where we saw more familiar faces.  More questions to answer while another technician checked blood pressure, oxygen levels, pulse, etc.  The IV was administered, this is always an adventure due to Diane’s small, tough, rolling veins.  Then the waiting began.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

July 2010
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