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It is 9:30PM and Diane had ice chips, crackers, Jello and water.  She was given pain meds, plus Valium for muscle spasms.  Now she is resting while antibiotics are fed to her through the IV.  We are still scheduled to go home tonight.  What time that will be we don’t know yet.  It could be a longer night than we were expecting.  Whenever you miss out on the outpatient dept checkout procedures, the process seems to drag on forever.

The power just went out for a couple seconds, the lights went out and there was silence.  It has been raining but it has not been storming here.  Maybe there are some storms in the area that affected the power.  Very strange.


The surgeon came by to discuss the results of the surgery with us.  All went well but he did have to do extra internal muscle work along with removing some scar tissue.  The implants fit well and are nice and soft, the expanders were so hard and stiff.  There will be additional pain associated with the work he had to do with the muscles and she has surgical drains again.  There is a pain management probe inserted and a ball at the end that will be administering pain medication too.  We can remove it and the dressings on Saturday.  More to come later.

Diane’s surgery was scheduled for 1:00PM.  The surgical suite was not ready until 2:15PM.  The outpatient surgical dept shuts down at 5-5:30PM depending on when the scheduled surgeries are completed for day.

So if the surgery is not completed by that time period the patient is admitted and goes upstairs to wait until they are ready to be discharged.  That is what we are looking at right now unless the surgery goes quicker than expected.  That is doubtful because the surgeon had already informed us he has some extra work to do to make the results match his expectations.   He has a reputation for being meticulous in his work.  I will let y’all know more when I know more.

Thank you for all the support and prayers.  Fred

Jessie has recently been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.  The short story is a lumpectomy was performed to remove a small cancerous mass and the pathology report showed another form of cancer was also present.  She is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow (Tuesday) to remove the one breast where the cancer was found.  She will need to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments, then they will start the re-construction process.

I have been struggling through a back injury and I take muscle relaxers at night that make me a little drowsy so if  you want more information you can visit Jessie’s Journal by clicking this link or the one in the sidebar.  Jessie lives in Ireland and is part of a non-denominational mission team and therefore will be relying on co-workers and friends for local support since she lives away from family.

On Wednesday Diane enters the long-awaited final phase of her re-construction and recovery.  She will have surgery to remove the rigid, firm, and heavy; saline filled expanders.  They have literally been a real pain in her chest.

Sleeping has been the biggest challenge, our bed has been taken over with an assortment of props and pillows.  There have been many nights when all of that has not been good enough and she sleeps a good part of the early morning hours in the recliner.  Muscle pain and spasms in the back, sides and chest area have become extremely annoying and uncomfortable.  The weather even pitches in to provide pain and discomfort when there is a front moving in and rain is in the forecast.  Plus each time saline was added to the expanders the pain and discomfort increased until her body adjusted to the additional size and weight.

The surgery is scheduled for 1:00pm and the surgeon told Diane it would last approximately three hours because he has some internal adjustments to make.  As long as everything goes well Diane will be home  late afternoon or early evening.  I will be blogging with updates from the hospital and later on when we arrive home.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

June 2010
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