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Diane had her appointment with the breast surgeon this morning.   The surgeon told us everything is going well with Diane’s recovery.  There is a little fluid building up on the side of her left breast and if it continues to accumulate, then it may need to be drained.  If the fluid needs draining it can wait until Monday to make an appointment for later that day.  The breast surgeon said she could do it; or if the plastic surgeon prefers, he can do it otherwise.  The body would normally absorb most of the fluid at this stage, but sometimes it does need to be drained.

The breast surgeon wants to see Diane every six months for the next two years to do a visual check-up.  There will  always be a minute amount of breast tissue present in her body, it is not possible to remove all of it, individual or small groups of cells are so small that some are always left behind.  If a mass did form from what is left behind there is very little space for the mass to hide.  So if anything does form it can usually be found easily, with Diane’s frame there is just a thin layer of tissue left between the pectoral muscle and the skin.  Mammograms are a thing of the past, an ultrasound or MRI would be ordered if a mass was visually found at some point.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

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