Diane visited the plastic surgeon today.  He removed the tape that was covering the drains at the point where they emerged from the upper incisions.  The tape was irritating and uncomfortable since day one, I think it has been Diane’s number one complaint.  Then he pulled and the drain tubes slipped right out.  The drain ports were a constant pain in her side, plus they kept her from sleeping on her side, sleeping on her back had been getting old.  The drain reservoirs and tubes were always in the way too.

Diane asked the surgeon if everything looked fine.  He smiled and proudly said of course, you look great already and you will only look better as we move forward.  Diane really likes him, he is so positive and he is confident in his abilities.  He is meticulous in his work and it shows, if he wasn’t a surgeon he would probably be an artist.

The surgeon told Diane he would take it slow filling the tissue expanders and that it is not painful when he adds  more saline, just more of the pressure she is experiencing now.  After Diane achieves the look she feels comfortable with, he will wait about four weeks to let everything heal and make sure all the swelling is gone, then replace the tissue expanders with the permanent implants.

This was Diane’s first day away from home since she came home from the hospital.  It was a cold, dreary day today; so we stopped and picked up some lunch and brought it home.  It wasn’t long and Diane was snoozing in the recliner.

Showering unassisted is now possible.  We can put away the plastic bags, the tape, and the step stool.  I asked Diane if she was going to take a shower before bed and she said in the morning was fine.  Today was a little wearing on Diane, the weather and the lack of sleep at night probably contributed to her tired state.  Hopefully she sleeps well tonight, now that the drains are gone.