OK, first the bad news.  It’s only bad news because it is no news, yet.  I’m not very good at waiting, for example; I can’t wait until all this is a memory in our past.  More on the news front, starting in the morning.

Diane called the plastic surgeon’s office to report on the drainage levels.  I empty the reservoirs twice a day, but the 6:30am one is the one that needs to be constant.  Diane is supposed to call the office once a day and report the 24hr amount.  Today was the first day she could call in due to the weekend.  Diane talked to the office manager and she told her the amounts looked good.  So now Diane has an appointment with the plastic surgeon Thursday morning and if all goes well the drains will be removed.  That would be welcomed by both of us, but especially the “wonderful, beautiful” patient.  (That was for anyone that thinks I am doing this to build up points with the “wonderful, beautiful” patient  😉 .)

The plastic surgeon’s wife gave birth on Sunday, that is good news for them, and for all his patients.

Now let’s talk about the breast surgeon’s office.  There was a little confusion with the lady in the office, she was thinking Diane wanted to make an appointment to get the news from the pathology report.  She was telling Diane that the surgeon would call her later in the afternoon to discuss the results on the phone.  Diane told her she already understood and she wanted to make the required appointment for immediately following the plastic suregeon’s appointment.  So Diane has an appointment with her on Friday morning.

Diane called the surgeon’s office at 4:50pm to ask if we would still be getting a call this afternoon.  Diane was told the surgeon was with her last patient and that we would get a call sometime after she was finished with the patient.  Now for the rest of the bad news, as you may have guessed, we did not receive a call from the breast surgeon this afternoon to discuss the findings from the pathology report.  I made an effort to stay close to home so I would be here when the surgeon called, I made the mistake of letting Diane go by herself for the breast MRI, I wasn’t making that mistake again.

Moving to the bright side again, the weather was mild enough to take a walk today.  The sun was warm and the breeze was just enough to keep us from getting too hot.

Diane had a much better day today, she took half a Valium every four hours instead of a whole every eight hours and she took Advil on a regular four hour schedule too.

I helped Diane with her sponge bath tonight and there is very little bruising, just a few spots that have turned a faint yellow, and the sutures look good too.

More flowers today, these were from a lawyer’s office, one of the companies Diane works for is a client of theirs and Diane has been working closely with them on a project.  The flowers are more tulips and they are in a nice glass vase.  They opened up nicely a little while after Diane received them.  Oh, and then there’s all the cards that came in the mail today.  She really appreciates all the messages left here, the private messages in her e-mail, the cards, the flowers, the food (we all appreciate the food), and especially all the prayers.