It snowed more than 1″ last night, the snow stuck to all the trees, bushes, grass, and even coated the wood fence on the north faces.  The roads were too warm so the snow melted right away, the only areas that could cause difficulty were the bridges and overpasses.  The boys went to church this morning, while I stayed home with Diane and rested.

Since it is so cold and dreary Diane is being lazy, though she did say she wishes it was warm outside so we could take some short walks.  It is hard for anyone to get motivated on such a cold and dreary day.  Most of the snow has melted away already, with just a few patches here and there left.

Tomorrow we find out the results of the pathology report, hopefully we get the all clear from the report.  As soon as we know something I will post the results.

Diane is doing pretty well, mainly just uncomfortable, the drain ports are still causing some pain and the incisions below the breasts are a little painful now too.  We are hoping the drain on the left side comes out soon, the drainage on that side is decreasing at a twice the rate of the right side.