Diane continues to do well and make good progress.  We had a lot of rain starting early this morning, it was a heavy, cold rain.  There was snow at the tail end of the storm, but that was well to the north.

Bonnie came by this morning after the storms had passed and the sky was trying to clear.  She brought her special tape and a stool for us to use in the tub if we wanted.  We checked the tape under Diane’s arms that was causing so much discomfort, but there was nothing we could do to change it in order to take the discomfort away.  The tape is sealing the drain ports protruding from the incision that was used to clear the breast tissue from the upper breast cavity.

We also checked her breasts for any signs to be concerned about and Bonnie thought everything looked and felt fine.  Bonnie tends to keep herself informed about a lot of medical terms and conditions, plus she has had a lot of personal experience with her own surgeries and those of friends and loved ones.  She is affectionately referred to as Dr. Bonnie at times.  She did a lot of research about Diane’s areas of concern too, and she is the one that found the story about Rene Syler.

Diane decided she does not need the Hydrocodone for her pain during the day anymore and that Advil does a good enough job with relieving the pain she is experiencing.  She does not like how the Hydrocodone was making her head feel, she always tries to quit using it as quickly as possible.  She did take half of a caplet along with her Valium just before bed, hopefully she will continue to sleep fairly well that way.  She also decided to try taking only a half of the Valium dosage during the day too.

Lisa came by after work and helped Diane bathe and wash her hair.  Lisa also brought food she wanted to clear from her fridge before going out of town to visit her mom, at least that was the story.  Lisa baked a pecan pie tonight too, yum.  Between Lisa helping and all the food from the ladies at church we have been eating pretty good.

I have the wonderful privilege of emptying the surgical drain reservoirs, the left side is draining much less than the right so the plastic surgeon may have us come in and take that one out before too long.  His wife still had not given birth as of Friday, the office manager told Diane that she would be having the baby by Cesarean on Monday if she had not given birth by then.

It has been snowing lightly for some time this evening, no accumilation on the ground because it was 73 degrees yesterday, but the vehicles are cold enough so the snow is covering them with a thin layer.