I thought I would have one patient to take care of this week, wrong.  This is not the first case of poison oak I’ve had, last year I had a case too, but this year it is much worse.  Last year’s bout was easily taken care of with  a homeopathic remedy I bought at a local vitamin store.  This time in addition to taking the aforementioned remedy, I have stayed busy applying a topical gel to help dry up the blisters, provide itch relief, and protect against  infection.  Ice has been my best friend, I even used ice at the hospital, it helps tremendously with calming the inflammation accompanying the blisters and providing additional itch relief.

I’ve suffered through poison ivy in the past too, but I haven’t had a case for quite a while.  I was suffering from it for over three months.  I tried everything, over the counter medications and doctor’s prescriptions for steroids.  Nothing knocked it out until I went to a Homeopathist, she gave me a remedy after a long interview and strength testing process.  Two days and the itching stopped and the blisters were drying up.

One side effect from that bout of poison ivy has been that mosquitos do not find me appetizing anymore.  I used to get eaten up by mosquitos prior to that time.  I do not know if it was the homeopathic remedy or the long case of poison ivy that changed my chemical makeup.

The poison oak is drying up slowly, the problem is that it has gone systemic, just like the last case of poison ivy I had.  My neck is nearly healed, that was the worst area, it was weeping badly due to the fact I shaved before I realized I had the poison oak.  My arms are getting better too, I have some small patches on my chest that are a still a little annoying.  Hopefully this patient will heal soon, he is getting tired of this annoying crap.  It has been difficult at times staying up beat for the most important patient in the house.

Time for more ice, grrrr…