Diane is progressing nicely, she slept good last night in between potty breaks and medicine taking.  It was good that her wake-up times were almost perfect timing with the meds schedule.  She got out of bed early this morning and I set her up in my nice big comfy Lay-Z-Boy recliner, I gave her phone to her and I took mine to the bedroom.  She needs help putting the footrest down so she is stuck in the chair unless someone rescues her.  It wasn’t long before she had company from one of the boys.

The sharp pains have subsided, now the pain is a constant ache and her chest still feels tight from the reconstruction.  But that is progress and the progress is positive.  She still moves around slowly and carefully, but we did take a nice little walk this afternoon.  The temperature was in the 70s but the wind was cool, she was still glad to get out of the house, even if it was for a bit.  The weather is going to get cold, rainy, and even a little snowy the next couple of days.  Wind chills on Sunday in the 20s, incredible.

Joanna from the oil and gas company was the designated flower and gift delivery “rep” this time.  She stopped by with a vase of yellow roses, a card signed by all, a gift certificate for our favorite cajun fish place, and a little bag of Godiva dark chocolate covered almonds.  She did good putting everything together and we appreciate everyone there for all the nice things.

Diane’s brother Ron and family sent a nice ceramic vase with a spring bouquet that included some nice tulips, for those that don’t know, we are of Dutch descent and tulips are always a nice touch when you’re Dutch.

Lisa came by to help with supper again, she has been so helpful and this is what she wants to do for us.  Diane has helped Lisa when her mom was recovering from several medical issues in the past and now she can help with Diane.  Lisa is even making one of my favorites when she gets home tonight, pecan pie, which she does so well.

Bonnie is coming tomorrow morning to help replace the tape that holds the surgical drain tubes in place.  She has some tape that has worked well for her and her husband in the past and the tape that they used at the hospital is binding and pulling Diane’s skin in such a way that it is painful.

Diane is in bed and I am relaxing in my chair once more while typing this report.  The chair is therapy for my back, too many chairs recently that were made for people 5′-6″, my frame does not fit and it puts a strain on my back.  Time to go for now, I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow sometime.