Diane is doing much better today.  She slept good last night, she had her little snacks with the meds to ward off nausea.  She looks good, her color is all back, and she is in better spirits.  She had her sponge bath today, yesterday they decided not to do one because of the way she was feeling.

The pastor called this morning and asked if Diane wanted him to come by, it is spring break and the pastor and his family were out of town for a few days.  We had a nice visit with him just before lunch.

The breast surgeon’s assistant came by to check Diane’s progress, the incisions, and the fluid in the drains.  She said all is well, the breasts are soft, the incisions look good, and the color and the amount of fluid in the drains is good.  She also informed us that the pathology lab contacted them to let them know that the pathology report will not be completed until Monday.  Diane’s breast tissue had a lot going on and they wanted to do more tests before releasing their report.  The surgeon’s assistant also told us that the pathology lab here is one of the best in the area.

Diane is eating her lunch and then the process of checking out of this place starts.  Well… I guess her pain meds just kicked in, she had me unwrap her fruit and get some more juice and when I got back she was dozing.

More later…