Diane’s home and still improving.  I’m glad to have her home :-), but I’ve lost my favorite chair temporarily :-(, oh well… I will survive.  I can’t believe how busy things have been for me, I was wondering how I would be passing the time while at the hospital.  You know, with all the people they have there to take care of Diane what would I do all day.  That was not a problem, Diane was keeping me busy.  It was difficult finding the time to blog too.  Now that we are home we have two other helpers here, they can help with some of the little things that Diane needs too.

Diane was really pleased with the hospital, overall.  The room was a private room, the nurses were friendly and helpful, and the food was available to order and very good.  The night nurses did there job quietly and without interrupting her sleep too much.

Lisa came by to help with dinner after she got off work.  She warmed the soup that Stacy gave us before they left for spring break, Diane loves to have soup the first night back from the hospital.  Lisa made garlic bread from the bread that Stacy provided too.

My mom and the girls (two of my sisters and my sister-in-law) sent Diane a real nice spring bouquet of flowers to the house, so they were here when Diane got home today.  The editor (Diane) also reminded me that I have not mentioned the nice tin planter with greenery and cheerful decorations that Gay brought the day of surgery.

So many people have sent wonderfully supportive messages, provided meals for us to heat as needed, provided gift cards for restaurants, and have kept us in their prayers.  We appreciate you all so very much. 🙂

Diane was in good spirits the morning of surgery, joking with the nurses, smiling and laughing, and I know that it was due to all your prayers.