I arrived at 11:30 this morning, I actually slept well last night.  The poison oak calmed down enough so it did not bother me during the night.

The nurses did not remove the catheter until around 10:00am so Diane had not been out of bed yet when I arrived.  She had already eaten breakfast, the morphine pump was disconnected, and she was given oral pain meds.  The breast surgeon checked Diane and had a little concern about the right breast so she called the plastic surgeon and asked him to come by and check it.  I was not here and Diane does not remember what the specific concern was, but the plastic surgeon checked the area and said all was well.  The plastic surgeon was concerned with the elastic wrap that they had on Diane so he had it replaced with a bra.

The plastic surgeon would not normally be checking on Diane’s progress, the next time he usually sees his patients after surgery is in his office.  He sees all the patients first, then an appointment time is made for the patient to see the breast surgeon.  The plastic surgeon told Diane that she would be going home today, OK… I don’t think that’s going to  happen.

Diane is doing pretty well, but she has been in quite a bit of pain and the new pain meds made her flushed, light headed and nauseated.  The nurses wanted to wait a little bit before helping her out of bed.  Diane started to feel better and her lunch arrived, so she ate some of her lunch and then rested.  Diane started to feel nauseated again so the nurse gave her a shot of medicine to combat the nausea.  Once Diane started to feel better the nurses helped her get up so she could use the restroom.

At that point the nurses suggested that Diane sit in a chair for a while before returning to the bed.  Diane dozed a little while sitting in the chair, then she was able to wake up enough to read some of the messages people were leaving on the blog, she watched TV for a bit and then started to feel nauseated again.  The nurse suggested a Popsicle or ice chips to help with the nausea since she was not due for more nausea medication for several hours.  The ice chips helped her with the nausea and she started to finally perk up a little.  Eventually Diane was ready for a little nap, but we first walked around the room a little, then to bed.

Diane already had several visitors early in the afternoon.  Two women from church came by and brought a cute, animated, plush chili pepper that sings the Hot, Hot, Hot Song.  The boys came by and brought Diane a cute, funny card that talks about the hospital experience.  Bonnie came by again to see how Diane was doing and brought some pretty yellow flowers in a yellow tin vase that has a happy face drawn on it.

A woman from the hospital, that works with the patients and nurses to make sure all is going well with the patient’s stay in the hospital, stopped by to visit.  One of the things she mentioned during the conversation about our decision, was that she was in attendance when the review board discussed Diane’s case.  She confirmed what the breast surgeon told me after the surgery, that the consensus was that we had made the correct decision.  That was good for Diane to hear, it gives her the extra confidence that she is doing what is best for her.

The breast surgeon’s assistant came by and talked with us about Diane staying one more night.  She agreed that as long as Diane was having difficulty eating and was experiencing nausea, she was not going home.  She suggested that Diane order small, lights snacks that she can eat throughout the evening and night time.  She is also a breast cancer survivor and has been very helpful and informative during this whole process.

Lisa offered to come by to give me time to get some supper.  So I said, come on.  Diane was glad to see her, and they had a nice visit.  Lisa offered to help with bathing, washing hair, etc, anything that she can do while she is not working.  Other women at church will probably help at some point too, several have already offered their help.

Diane ate a little snack while Lisa was here and now she is sleeping.  I was so busy today with Diane that I forgot to call my mom, she called me.  Sorry Mom 🙂

If all goes well tomorrow and Diane is not nauseated after lunch, she will be going home.