Diane is in her room now.  The nurse is getting her I.V. and pain med delivery system set up.  She is doing well, though groggy.  The plastic surgeon had Valium administered to help her relax as she came out of anesthesia.

The Valium will help her relax due to the chest tightness she will be feeling. The expander implants are behind her pectoral muscles, the muscle and skin needs to be stretched out to make room for the permanent implants.  That is contributing to the tight feeling she will be experiencing. The expanders are filled 50cc more than the breast tissue that was removed.

To be continued…

Diane is sleeping now and I left to grab a bite to eat, then I will head back and stay with her as long as I can.  Diane woke up at 2am and I woke up at 3am so it has been a long day already.  Plus I got “attacked” by some poison oak on Friday and did not know it until late Saturday night.  I went to buy some Homeopathic remedies after church on Sunday.  The homeopathic remedies have helped whereas the medical remedies have not worked in the past.  Needless to say that has made it even more difficult to sleep, let alone just sitting and waiting.

If I’m up to it I will make a short post before leaving the hospital tonight.

Thank you all for your kind words, and your prayers.