As most of you know, Diane is away visiting her mom.  Usually this would mean a nice little break apart from each other; Diane gets precious, quality time with her mom and I get to batch-it with our boys.  I usually tease her that I do not miss her, even though I do.  I was looking forward to it, I figured if she was not here reminding me what was to come, I could relax, take it a little easy, have a break.  Concentrate on work, get a lot accomplished there.  No such luck.  😦

Instead, it has caused my mind to be free to think about the approach of  S-Day, what it may mean to each of our lives, the worry of possible complications during and after surgery…  My mind has been racing…  The blogging has been furious…  I already have a number of completed drafts on different subjects just waiting to be posted.

So This Time It’s Been Different.  ❗