There are comments on here telling me how wonderful it is that I am doing this for Diane.  There are women at church that tell me how wonderful it is that I am doing this for Diane too, they also mention that they are getting to know who that quiet guy is that sits with Diane at church, then hustles out the door once the service ends.  Women in my family have commented on how nice it is to have the blog to refer to for updates and information.

The name of this blog is A Blog For Diane, but the little secret is that the blog helps me to stay sane.  For those that do not know me personally, I am a quiet, reserved person face to face.  I have trouble explaining what I feel in person, but I do fine when given the chance to write.

So to the ladies (and gentlemen) at church that seem to find a way to corral me before my exit, be careful what you ask, you could become the subject of one of these posts.  I’m kidding of course …  Really…  I’m just kidding.  🙄