Diane’s mom saw the blog for the first time this week, after reading the posts on the main page, she commented on how open I’ve been putting this blog together, and that was before she started reading the medical pages.  I understand completely, that is one of the reasons I am doing this, not Diane.  We were both raised to be very conservative and to keep family private, it took a little bit for me to get to the point that I could do this too.  The blog sat dormant for a period after I signed up with WordPress while I tried to decide if I really wanted to do this.

If we go back to the original intent for the blog, one of the reasons I wanted to do it was the possibility of helping others that find themselves in a similar situation.  There are not many blogs that deal with the rare type of marker cells that Diane has present in her breasts.  Just try and Google “PLCIS Blog” and see what is found, this blog is at or near the top.  Then try “BRCA Blog” and the results are pages upon pages worth.  These women have come together as one and are building a strong support network.

As I was doing my research, trying to find out how serious we needed to be about considering the Prophylactic Double Mastectomy option,  I found the lack of resources on the subject of PLCIS  frustrating.  Leave it to Diane to be special, even though most of the people that know her feel that way about her.  Having a rarity in medical terms is not when you want to be special.

So to my wonderful mother-in-law’s comment and to the desire for Diane and I to keep our business private, sometimes it is better to share.  Hi, Mom 🙂

Since we are talking about mothers and reviewing the reasons for the blog, I want to say a quick word about one of the other reasons for the blog.  Diane and I have lived away from the main family nucleus for longer than I care to think of, I guess that runs in my family.  To continually explain the entire situation and to keep everyone up to date was wearing us out, plus re-living the decisions that we had already made, over and over again caused it be even worse.

Blogging seemed to be one of the best choices to make in order to keep all those that are concerned about our welfare informed.  What takes a little getting used to is, Everybody Knows Your Business.  I know that my mom looks forward to the blog updates that my sister prints out for her, then brings to her.  That is an example of the best reason for the blog.  So…  Hi Mom 😉

Hmmm… Kinda makes me feel like one of those sports athletes that seem to be saying “Hi Mom” every time the camera is trained on them.