It is 10:46pm and Diane just called to let me know she arrived safely at the airport, where her mom was picking her up.

Our day started at 4:00am, Diane was up and starting to get ready so I could take her to the airport.  At 4:15 she got an automated message telling her that her flight was canceled due to weather in Atlanta, her stop-over.  The message also informed her she was being booked on a later flight.  We left the house at 7:30am headed to the airport, we go in to check her bag and get her boarding pass, the agent checks the status of the flight and all was OK, I watched her go through security, then I left to go get some breakfast before heading to work.

As I was driving to the job-site I get a call from Diane.  Her second flight was canceled, she was booked on a flight leaving tomorrow morning.  The boys were in class at the community college nearby and I had a meeting with the excavator at the site for the new phase two building.  I told her she would have to wait until my meeting was over and I would come get her.

Diane called her mom who had not seen her since last winter around this time.  Her mom was so disappointed that Diane would not be there today.  So Diane took a chance and talked to the ticketing agent again.  She told him her mom was so disappointed and asked if he could check again, to see if he could find a flight with a seat available today.  He was able to find a seat on the only flight left in the schedule leaving here and stopping in Atlanta, plus there was still a flight she could catch leaving Atlanta and continuing to Diane’s destination.

I picked her up at the airport, we ate lunch, did some errands, then at 4:00pm I dropped her off at the airport once more.  After that all went according to plan and she was there to meet her mom at the airport.  It will be after midnight before they are home.  I guess alls well that ends well.  Still… this has been a long, long day.  Goodnight all.