I have been busy sorting through all the various links for sites that I have collected and I have added some to the links area in the left column.  I have them separated in several categories.  Articles of Interest are articles from media sites.  Blogs of Interest are sites that deal with breast cancer in general.  Previvors and Survivors are blogs by women or their partners.  Support Organizations are breast cancer organizations that offer education and support.

The link for the article at AOL Health with the title Rene Syler Takes On Breast Cancer is the story that resembles Diane’s situation.  Rene Syler did not have cancer or the BRCA gene mutations, she had Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia (ADH).

Diane also has Focal areas of ADH present, plus Pleomorphic Lobular Carcinoma in SITU (PLCIS), which is a rare and more aggressive form of LCIS.  ADH is an abnormal production of cells within the duct system of the breast and PLCIS  is an abnormal production of cells within the breast lobules.  This shows that there are two distinct areas of concern, both of which show Prophylactic Double Mastectomy as an option in the treatment tree.

We do not know if Diane has the BRCA gene mutation, we have not decided yet if Diane or her mom will get tested.  Rene’s experiences were similar to what Diane had already experienced and what Diane would be experiencing in the future.