We just got back home from the evening church service and follow-up pot-luck dinner.  Diane is doing better coping right now, today was a much better day than last Sunday.  We had a little chat with the pastor tonight too, letting him know more details about the schedule, etc.  People are already letting us know that they will be helping with meals when Diane gets back home from the hospital.

Diane has been keeping busy trying to finish up some projects at the different offices where she works.  Everyone that she works with and works for has been so supportive and understanding.  Of course we’ll see once she is not there how they cope with her not being available during the first part of her recovery time.  One thing that will help is that she has remote access setup at all the offices so that when she feels up to it she can do a little work from home.  The temptation there will be to start doing too much, too soon.

I ordered a vitamin package designed for plastic surgery patients.  It is supposed to help prepare for surgery, plus help with recovery after surgery.  Diane had already been taking probiotics and fiber, then when we decided to go the surgical route she started taking a good woman’s multi-vitamin.  She will start taking the surgical vitamins from VitaMedica on Monday.  This is big because I have been trying to get her to take vitamins for years.  In both cases it has taken a medical issue to get her started again.

Tuesday Diane leaves us to fend for ourselves and visits her mother in Florida.  This afternoon she was cooking and preparing meals we can heat up and right now she is starting to pack for the trip.  She is already tanned and has her hair frosted blonde so she will fit right in with the snow birds.  This trip was scheduled and paid for last fall and is going to be just the right thing for her to do prior to surgery.