The surgeon wants Diane to keep taking the Tamoxifen as long as she can handle the side effects.  There are meds that the surgeon could prescribe to help Diane deal with the side effects if she would be taking them long-term, but with the surgery coming up the surgeon told Diane she could quit the Tamoxifen if the side effects started to be a major problem again.

Diane has been back on the Tamoxifen for ten days and was doing pretty good until the past few of days.  Sunday she was tired and a little bit down, it was a rough day.  She has been telling more of the people she works with, and more people at church about what is happening.  I am sure that has also contributed to her current state, along with the Tamoxifen.

Diane will be at the hospital Monday for her pre-op lab work.  The surgery is less than a month away, the time will fly by now.  I am not good at waiting, Diane is much better at it, though she wants to get it past her and move forward too.

Saturday we shopped for comfy and practical PJ’s and lounge wear for her to wear while at home recovering.   We also located a place to buy a wedge pillow for the bed since she will need to sleep on her back.  She  was able to find several other items of clothing she “needed” too, of course.

Diane will be visiting her mother for about a week, they are both looking forward to that.  Then she gets back, works a couple days, sees the plastic surgeon for pre-op marking,  then the day for the surgery arrives.