Diane is giving the Tamoxifen another try after a one week break.  The side effects had subsided and it was comforting to see her return to normal.  The side effects that caused the most trouble were the lack of energy and the difficulty concentrating on the task at hand.  The type of work Diane does requires attention to detail at a high level and that is difficult to do with a lack of concentration and energy.  The other side effects were more of a nuisance and caused a certain level of discomfort.

Diane called the breast surgeon’s office to tell her about suspending the Tamoxifen and then resuming the schedule again.  Diane wanted to know if it was necessary to continue to take the Tamoxifen since the surgery date is getting closer.  The surgeon has not returned her call yet.

The plastic surgeon’s office called to setup the appointment that is needed to take pictures and place marks in the area prior to the surgery.

Diane went to the hair stylist yesterday.  Diane needed her hair cut and I suggested that she consider a shorter cut that would be easy to care for later.  So Diane asked Jill to create a style that would fit that description.  Diane described it as a short bob cut.  Jill has been cutting and styling our hair for a number of years now and has become a friend of the family.