The Diagnosis page is complete as of now.  I may add some additional info or comments as needed.  It is fairly accurate, I did a lot of research on the findings of the pathology report from the first occurrence and the report for the second occurrence.  The findings from the second occurrence do not only mirror the first, they build upon the first.  There definitely is more to be concerned about in the second pathology report.

The form of non-cancerous marker cells described in the second report are more aggressive and are present in a much higher density.  Therefore the treatments prescribed change from the removal of any masses, the prescribing of Tamoxifen (or similar), along with close monitoring, to the suggestion that a preventative double mastectomy is to be considered.

Add the other factors in the second pathology report, plus the factors that will be discussed further in other sections, and you begin to see the true reasoning for the decision to proceed with the course of treatment that we have chosen.

I will be adding more to the Treatment page next.